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What do Tiny Towing Solutions tow?

Not only do we have the gear to move your overweight tiny homes, but we also have the appropriate gear to move your road-legal items!

With a hydraulic turn table, we can adjust our 5th wheel position to move your 5th wheel trailers.

Most can’t move 5th-wheel caravans as they are designed for a ranger with a short deck. With our truck, we can push the 5th wheel back to ensure your caravan will clear!

With a 10-tonne pintle hook and a 3.5-tonne tow ball, our 4wd Iveco ticks all the boxes when it comes to moving the road legal items.

Where does Tiny Towing Solutions travel to?

From Cape Reinga to Bluff we have you covered!

With the ability to cart 17m long loads and weights up to 20 tonnes, we can cover all bases!

Our trucks have the option of a pintle hook and standard tow ball as well as 5th wheels.

We can cart anything from a road-legal jetski to a big American caravan behind the truck!

Is it oversized or overweight? No problem we have the low loaders and in-house pilots to ensure the move can be done legally!

Loading and unloading? Simple with our hydraulic lifting equipment!

With a regular inter-island trip once a week we can be competitive on moves nationwide!

Difficult delivery site? No problem with our custom-built 4x4 winch truck to ensure even the most difficult site can be accessed!

Overheight item? No problem with our custom-made low loaders we have a low deck height to help counter this.

What do you require to know about the site?

The first thing we ask for is a video or photos from the road into the house site. We then require measurements of gates or any tight spots on the way.

What’s the best way to get a quote?

We do all our quotes via email, so if you ring for a chat we will ask you to email through all the details as it takes time for us to work out an accurate price using GPS. Email us for a quote.

How much will my move cost?

We quote on a case-by-case basis as it all depends on the size of the home and the location it’s going to and from. Contact us for a price

Does it cost more to move around the South Island?

When you get us to move your home around the South Island we don’t charge you any different to if it was the North Island?

As we do a regular trip to the South Island every week with freight/houses we are already in the South Island and can work in a bunch of moves while we are here.

North island, South Island orInter Island we have you covered!

Is it difficult to cross the Cook Straight?

There is a big misconception about how hard it is to move a tiny home across the Cook Strait!

Any load above 4.3m High has to cross over Bluebridge due to the walk bridge at Interislander Ferry in Picton (As well as the motorway bridge in Wellington).

With a full-size Tiny home sitting on our trailer, we are generally sitting between 4900-5000mm high.

Being this height we can cross either the Straitsman or the Strait Feronia with Bluebridge.

From when we pull up to the Ferry on one side and driving out the other is generally around 6 hours.

Get in contact today about moving your items Inter Island - it may be a lot simpler and cost-effective then you think!

What are your payment terms?

We take a $500 deposit to secure your job and final payment is required prior to work commencing.

How much notice do you need?

We recommend four weeks notice but often have cancellations to fit jobs in sooner so just get in touch and ask us when we can move your tiny home.

Is there a max size for my house you’ll cart?

Yes, we generally limit ourselves to 5 metres wide, any wider than this it’s recommended to put on a lifting house trailer.

Is there a max weight my house can weigh?

Not really, as long as we have a rough idea on weight we can send the appropriate transporter.

What’s the max height you can cart?

We recommend to keep the house off its trailer under 4.1m tall, which means when it’s sitting on our trailer we are under 5m total height and can get near anywhere in NZ in a cost-effective manner.

What do I do with insurance?

If you require insurance, view our terms and conditions, we have insurance we can offer and the terms and conditions list what it covers.

How do I move a tiny house in NZ?

Depending on the size and weight of your tiny home, we can transport it either by towing it (if road legal under 3.5 tonnes and on a registered and warranted trailer) or by a transporter.

What trailer do we use? 

This depends on sites/access at both pickup and delivery, we now have a specialised house moving trailer to deal with difficult sites as well as our normal flat deck transporter trailers.

What are the rules for Tiny Homes in NZ?

We recommend you talk with your local council to see what the rules are for your area. There are also some great articles on the website which has some helpful Information on all things tiny.

What rules are there for transporting Tiny homes?

This depends on a few factors including the size of the tiny home, if you require pilots, what time of year it is, what area it's being delivered into, and if there are curfews in place. We recommend you contact us directly with any concerns/questions you may have and we are happy to help.

 How much does it cost to deliver a tiny house in New Zealand?

Every delivery is case by case, depending on the sites. Costs can be kept to a minimum with easy access flat sites however, more difficult sites require specialised equipment and on-site hours. We recommend you use our pricing calculator which will give a basic gate-to-gate price to start, then get in touch via email at with details and photos of your site and we can provide a more accurate quote.

Are tiny homes Legal in NZ?

We recommend you talk with your local council or builder to see what the rules are for your area.

How are tiny homes moved around on site?

This depends on your site and if your tiny home is on a trailer or going onto piles. We have specialised equipment including winches to manoeuvre your home into position once unloaded and on a trailer, or the use of hiabs to place on piles or lift over fences etc. Please get in touch to go over any special requirements you have.

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